Deluxe Rooted Extensions - 12"


23/6 Rooted
25/4 Rooted
25/8 Rooted
613/18 Rooted

Rooted shades are exclusively available in the Deluxe tape tab. Perfect for blonde guests with darker roots, the color of these extensions transition from a darker to a lighter hue at approximately 1.5" from the base. The 1.1” wide size of the tape tab contours smoothly to the head creating a seamless blend with no bulk at the attachment area.

Deluxe Extensions are ideal for finer hair and high-visibility areas such as the temples, hairlines or the crown of the head, Deluxe extensions look and feel as if they are growing directly from the scalp.

All packs are comprised of 12 pieces, which creates 6 complete extensions. In most cases, a Deluxe will be paired with a Standard, with the Deluxe on top and Standard on the bottom. On average, a full head requires 3-5 packs of extensions.

Available in 4 Rooted Shades

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