Flaunt proudly offers a 6-month Limited Warranty against factory defects. In the event of a factory defect, we will gladly credit your account and/or send replacement goods according to the product(s) warranty. Please note, our warranty does not cover defects resulting from:

1. Physical damage of the product by customer
2. Improper use of the product (e.g., lifting, coloring or treating the extensions or cutting the adhesive tabs) 
3. Attempts to repair or modify the product
4. Failure to follow the instructions for proper application and customer maintenance (see Flaunt’s Training Manual, Maintenance Guide, website and other publications) 

To file a claim, please contact a Flaunt Representative. You will be provided a return authorization number, which must be placed on the outside of the box you send in. Failure to place the R/A number outside the box will result in the box begin rejected. The extensions will undergo inspection, and you will receive a diagnostic report with the quality control staff’s decision. If they are found to contain a manufacturing defect, you will receive either full or partial credit. Credit will be prorated based upon whether/how long the extensions were worn and used and/or the length of time between the claim date and the original date of purchase. If they are found not defective, the goods will be returned to you. 

For full details and instructions, please contact your Flaunt Representative. Further terms and conditions may apply.