Hand Tied Weft Extension

This hand tied weft extension is ideal for all hair types. These extensions are discreet and provide endless styling versatility, making it perfect for active lifestyles.

All packs contain 2 hand tied wefts. 

Most applications will use 2-3 rows and a pro may apply up to 6 wefts per row for a full volume transformation.

Available in 18” or 22” in natural, rooted, and balayage colors.

Standard Tape Extensions

This signature tape in extension is ideal for hidden areas. Standard extensions will usually comprise the majority of an installation. The 1.1” wide size of the tape tab contours smoothly to the head creating a seamless blend with no bulk at the attachment area.

Available in 24 Natural Shades

Standard Ombré Extensions

Ideal for color without commitment. Ombré extensions begin with a natural shade which gradually melts into a second and third hue, creating a remarkable gradation that would be extremely difficult to achieve using chemical color services.


Available in 4 Ombré Shades

Deluxe Natural

Ideal for finer hair and high-visibility areas such as the temples, hairlines or the crown of the head. Deluxe extensions look and feel as if they are growing directly from the scalp. In most cases, a Deluxe will be paired with a Standard, with the Deluxe on top and Standard on the bottom.



Available in 24 Natural Shades

Deluxe Rooted Extensions

Rooted shades are exclusively available in the Deluxe tape tab. Perfect for blonde guests with darker roots, the color of these extensions transition from a darker to a lighter hue.

Available in 4 Rooted Shades


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