Terms of Sale & Shipping

  • Flaunt Paul Mitchell sells only to professional salons and stylists.  
  • Any Flaunt customer agrees to not repackage, resale wholesale and/or resale to end user packaged, to not sell online, and will apply products within a professional salon environment.
  • Flaunt offers same day shipping but does not guarantee this service. If a shipment does not get shipped on the same day, Flaunt is not responsible for a freight credit or upgrade as the service is not guaranteed.
  • If an error is made as a result of inaccurate or obsolete information, Flaunt will not be responsible for the mistake.
  • If your credit card is declined, please expect a delay in shipping. There is a minimum order of $40. Orders under $40 are subject to a $5 handling charge.  
  • No commercial reuse of Flaunt Paul Mitchell trademarks or other intellectual property rights are allowed without written permission from Flaunt Paul Mitchell.

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